Since January 2016, Intexglobal has been producing original projects using internet technologies and implementing them in the field.

The İzmir-based Intexglobal company has an official office in Islamabad, Pakistan at the same time. Additionally, in the third quarter of 2018, the first official Intexglobal office in Europe will be established. We also use the blockchain technology, which has been the trademark of the last decade, in Intexglobal projects. First of all, we created a cryptocurrency called Intexcoin. And then we supported our coin with projects that includes many areas this coin could be used in. Therefore we laid the foundation for a large ecosystem based on the power of community.

Intexplace, is the world’s first virtual marketplace platform that’s protected by the GET System. Intexpay is a payment instrument that you can make your payments with different types of crypto money and Intexcoin on vending machines and other payment points. Marketintex is a stock market where intexcoin and other types of crypto money can be bought and sold. Intexcharity, is the first charity project in which donations reach the needers directly. The Intexcharity platform will be transparent and will track the sent and received donations.


As Intexglobal we have agreed to do intexcoin ICO work with Intelliblock Company in Malta. We will work with Intelliblock on all strategic plans such as all legal aspects of ICO, technical infrastructure studies and token structure. Our goal is to involve in the coinmarketcap and crypto money markets at the end of this process.


Intexcoin ICO, previously announced on June 30, 2018, had to be delayed due to the strengthening of our strategic plans, developments in our projects and technical infrastructure. As a result, we continue with our stronger infrastructure and more developed sustainable projects. We foresee that this will meet the expectations of our company and our investors better.

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ICO and After ICO

With the ICO agreement with Intelliblock, a legal company will be established in Malta. In the same process, we will develop financial, legal and ICO related technical plans together with our partner. All ICO technical documents, especially Whitepaper, infrastructure works, ICO Platform integration (Teros Platform) will be created in the forthcoming process and announced to the whole world. Company setup and ICO process will be conducted in Malta. The reason for this is that the Maltese government wants to make their country the center of the world on ICO, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies and to provide legal infrastructure to companies. Our goal after ICO is to involve in the Coinmarketcap and Exchange Platforms with a reasonable coin value. The technical details and the course of action for this whole process will be announced soon.


We offer our investors and followers a last opportunity before entering the ICO period. The current intexcoin value will raise in value in the pre-sale and ICO period. Also limited number of intexcoins will be sold during the ICO period. The investors can either buy intexcoin from current values, or from the value during ICO period.



A secure e-commerce

Intexplace, is an online marketplace platform for trading through Intexcoin. On Intexplace you can also shop the near future with some reliable crypto currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Users can sell in their virtual shops they created their brand new and second-hand goods and their services in the currency of their choice.

Some of the transaction fee arising from purchases made on Intexplace is donated to the charity of their choice and some of the fee is transferred to the people who are in need of help through intexcharity.



Cashless and Contactless Mobile Payment

Intexpay is a contactless and cashless mobile payment solution using crypto currencyy that is known to be included in intexcoin and is trusted on the market. Intexpay is a payment tool that aims to be a payment instrument for all sectors in parallel with the development process of crypto money. Intexpay is designed in a flexible, developable and secure structure.

Intexpay has been developed in a structure that will provide funding for crypto currency aid activities. With Intexpay, you pay a portion of the transaction fee to the charity that you have chosen, and to some extend through the intexcharity fund. With Intexpay you will be helping people who are in need directly in every expenditure you make.



Crypto Currency Market

You can also trade Intexcoin on Intexcoin trade platform and some popular crytpo currency like bitcoin and ethereum. The trade platform which will be built with the highest possible security protocols is designed to have an easy-to-use interface that prioritizes the user experience.

Our fundamental difference is that some part of the commissions that arised from the transaction will be donated to the charities you choose and some part of it will be transferred to the people who need it, homeless people in particular, through intexcharity. Donations will be transparent and traceable.



Direct donation project and crypto currency foundation.

Intexcharity is a great donation platform created by two seperate platforms, “Direct Donation Platform” and “Crypto Donation Foundation”. These platforms, which are free from problems such as lack of confidence in traditional donation methods and the need for benefactors to see exactly where their donations reach, are creating new solutions for donation Intexcharity is based on blockchain infrastructure and can be viewed by anyone who wants to trace all donation activities on intexcharity.

Intexplace, our trade platform, with the developing potential of Intexcoin, is aiming at a sustainable donation infrastructure concerning the problems with homeless people which happens to beone of the fundamental problems worldwide, natural disaster victims, environmental problems and refugee problems with its API integration to the other trade platforms and the total benefit to be provided from this.


Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.



From January 2016 until today we continue our way uninterruptedly. We met many people in many countries and cities, after thousands of kilometers of long distances and long shifts. We always felt the excitement of working together. We are stronger and more determined with our past and new experiences. We would like to thanks all our friends and investors that have supported and trusted us. We have a long way to go.

2016, January
  • Intexglobal was established.
2016, March
  • Minex devices started to operate.
2016, June
  • Intexplace platform started to operate.
2016, July
Nordic Drinks
  • We broke a new ground in the world with our cooperation with Nordic Drinks and NAYAX companies which produce coffee vending machines.
2016, September
Intexcoin Wallet
  • Intexcoin mobile wallet was featured.
2016 Q2
City Meetings
  • Many meetings were held in many cities both at home and abroad.
2017 Q2
Pakistan Meetings
  • Meetings were held in many cities of Pakistan
2017, July
Pakistan office was opened.
  • Our first official office is opened in Pakistan, Islamabad.
2018 Q1
New Projects
  • We started to work on Intexpay, Intexcharity and Marketintex projects.
2018, June
ICO Agreement
  • Agreement-in-principle took place with the company who prepared ICO.
  • Official agreement will be signed in July and ICO information will be shared.
2019, Q1
Malta and ICO
  • Completion of building an incorporation in Malta.
  • Preparation of legal infrastructure of ICO according to the laws of the state of Malta.
2019, Q2
Start of Projects
  • Start of Intexpay and Intexcharity Projects

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